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School Management Online

Total Online School Management

Right School Management Software can provide a great relief to the principals, teachers, students, and parents to enhance their performance exponentially.

In school manage system there include the details enclosed are about the administrative department and the total authority people’s profiles over with their images. Every student details, every employee details with qualifications and responsibilities, fee details and how fee breaks in to quarterly, half yearly and totally. Students and everyone attendance will be shared and updated here on regular basis. Marks of students, salaries, events, all reports, and forth coming time tables for it may be exams, fee remembrance, student marks. Everything that is updated on website will be stood upon an s a notification. Dedicated persons will be having the accessible info about school management software. It will be helpful to get involve the parents. Special login credentials will be provided for every individual to access the management application. As classified sections of logins in to parent login, admin login, teacher login, student login and highly secured plat form to share their views together as a meet up too.

Features :

  1. Different User groups : Administrators, teachers, students and parents
  2. Responsive user interface – Works on any Internet enabled device
  3. Import/Export User details via CSV & Excel
  4. Student Promotion system
  5. Academic years support and promotion system for students with the ability to track past student’s data in past Academic years
  6. Registration : Administrator must approve registrations of teachers, students or parents
  7. Languages System with pre-build 9 different languages : English, Arabic, French, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Turkish, Russian, Spanish
  8. Administrator can define new language
  9. Users have the ability to change language and administrator can deactivate this feature.
  10. RTL languages support
  11. Payments with PayPal integration and tax calculation.
  12. Invoice generation
  13. Ability to change default currency
  14. Private messages : simple way to communicate with other users by messages
  15. Mail / SMS : Administrators can send e-mail or SMS to teachers, students or parents
  16. Support different 8 SMS APIs and 4 methods of mail delivery
  17. Send Exam details to students and parents via Mail / SMS
  18. Send Student’s absence notifications via mail / SMS
  19. Ability to edit the messages sent for Exam details and Student’s absence notification ( Mail/SMS Templates )
  20. Ability to select specific users
  21. Allow configuration of custom SMS HTTP API
  22. News Board : Publish school news on board
  23. Events : Publish scheduled events
  24. Calendar : List events, news, exams and online exams on calendar
  25. Vacation
  26. Supports vacation for students and teachers
  27. Integrated with Attendance system
  28. Vacation dates can exclude weekly off days and official vacation days
  29. Vacation requests can be Accepted and Rejected from Attendance System
  30. Attendance : Track attendance of students
  31. Supports attendance for students and teachers
  32. Two attendance models
  33. Subject-Based
  34. Class-only based
  35. Attendance selection status from: Present, Absent, Late, Late with excuse Or Early Dismissal.
  36. Attendance Statistics and search for attendance features.
  37. Student can see his attendance history
  38. Parents can see his student’s attendance history
  39. Exams : Add exams scheduled for school students and grade levels
  40. Assignments: Upload assignments related to each class. Students can apply their assignments answers from the portal and teachers can track students apply
  41. Online exams : Create online exams ( Multiple choice ) for students with auto marking supports 3 types of questions : Single Choice, Multiple Choice & text Value with the ability to fix the exam with countdown counter for fixed time exam
  42. Study Material : Create and manage study material to be accessible for students
  43. Dormitories : Add your school dormitories
  44. Classes : Add your school classes
  45. Class schedule : Create class schedule for each one
  46. Subjects : Add subjects and their relation to teachers
  47. Books library : Create online library by either download or book availability on library
  48. Media centre with unlimited sub-albums features supports images, YouTube & Video videos & support Modal for viewing Album contents
  49. Polls System
  50. Transportation : Manage school transportation with ability to list subscribers
  51. Popup profiles for students, teachers and parents
  52. Reports Area : Generate reports for various areas of application
  53. API ready with Token Authentication
  54. and lots more as modules..

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